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Friendship Wesleyan Church (FWC) is a growing group of people of all ages who are seeking to understand better how God desires to transform our lives and help us be “powerful people”. Our worship is relaxed, and we believe that God has called us to be “outside the walls” of the church and involved in our community.

We believe that our mission is “Passion” for God and “Compassion” for others!

Friendship Wesleyan helps support Christian Neighbors by bringing them food every month. We also use green "bio" bags located in the foyer that you can take home, fill up, and then bring back. They're bright green so you can't miss them. This month
(March) we are collecting Ramen Noodles and Assorted Soups!

If you believe in and would like to support
Friendship Wesleyan Church financially,
feel free to donate here via PayPal:

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